We have been in industrial designing for years and we have trained ourselves to assess the complex requirements of industrial projects and evolve suitable and economic building designs. Attractive, space efficient and economical industrial facilities are created through expert knowledge and a collaborative design process from master planning of multi- building campus site plans to additions for existing facilities. We coordinate with
specialized consultants to design for the complex requirements for organizing equipment, machinery, storage, and
mobilization factors particular to each unique industrial project. Our clients take pride in projects that not only provide space for operations and maximize return on investment, but symbolize the quality and character of their organization. Our international experience include working with consultants like Gerzi Eastern, Mr. Doshi (PMC) USA, R.S. Mandrekar, Sopan Projects, Kavarner- Davy Power Gas and our clients like American Axle Manufacturing
(AAM) India, Frankie Faber, Iridium India, Times of India, J.V. Roulements, Amul Crankshaft, V A Tech, Positronic India , Corning India , Sigma and many more. Our expertise lies in handling large span structures, detailing and services in industrial buildings. We add value to industrial working spaces by our creativity and sense of aesthetics.


Environmental Projects

Our methodology of working is what makes us apart from others. We have formulated our own design tools, which helps in arriving at a environmental friendly solutions faster. We start with our home work, which consist of studying and analyzing the project. The synthesis of which gives us parameters of design in the given conditions on the basis of which we formulate our design problem. Our goal is to create a development which will put less burden on environment and restoration of environment to lessen the adverse impacts on development.

Our design solution focuses on

Climate Responsive Architecture

Disaster Resilient Structures

Sustainable Selection of Building Materials and
Water and Sanitation and Management

Solid waste Management
Energy Management with the use of Renewable and
Non Renewable sources
Appropriate use of vegetation

Land Management and Ecological Land Planning
Ecosystem Management
We work with the experts in the field

to achieve our goal.